Current Courses

At Trinity University, Dr. Johnson currently teaches:

BIOL 1311 & 1111

Integrative Biology and Lab
Spring 2018

BIOL 1311 is a course designed to provide an introduction to the field of biology through an integration of cellular, organismal, population, and ecosystem levels of biological organization. BIOL 1111 is the laboratory course associated with this introductory class. Dr. Johnson teaches "Evolution of Sex," “Ecology of the Microbiome,” and “DNA Bootcamp” modules.

Biol 1320

The Darwinian Revolution
Fall 2018

This course explores the development of Charles Darwin’s revolutionary ideas through a survey of his life, his major written works, and the influence of his writing on modern thinking.

BIOL 3426

Vertebrate Biology
Fall 2018

This course is an evolutionary survey of vertebrates, focusing on evolutionary innovations and relationships through major features of the anatomy, physiology, life history, and behavior of vertebrate taxa.

BIOL 3435

Spring 2018

This course surveys the history of evolutionary thought, the mechanisms and patterns of evolutionary change, and the methods scientists use to study evolution.

Independent Research in Biology and Neuroscience
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Previous Courses Taught

Animal Behavior, Michigan State University
Animal Behavior Honors Option, Michigan State University

Other Teaching Activities

Science Teaching Institute, Trinity University (2011-2016)